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Top Honeymoon Destinations Of Bollywood Celebrities

By: Mary Jones

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The Maldives is a favourite honeymoon destination for Bollywood celebs. Its gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear seas, and opulent resorts provide a romantic and private escape.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a romantic honeymoon resort known for its gorgeous overwater villas and blue lagoons. Bollywood couples have been observed enjoying the natural beauty of the island 

Santorini, Greece

 Bollywood celebs frequently visit this Greek island because of its stunning beauty and posh resorts.

Paris, France

Begin a spiritual journey, practise yoga, and engage in exciting activities such as river rafting and trekking.

Venice, Italy

Venice has an amazing environment that Bollywood couples like because of its complex canals and gondola cruises. The city's rich history, art, and delectable food


Fiji is a favourite destination for Bollywood celebs due to its tropical scenery, gorgeous beaches, and opulent resorts. For couples, the archipelago provides solitude, tranquilly

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is well-known for its lush green scenery, magnificent temples, and colourful culture. Many Bollywood celebrities have picked this Indonesian island for its unique beauty 


Another popular destination for Bollywood celebs is Seychelles, which has lovely sandy beaches and blue oceans. The archipelago has luxurious resorts, beautiful coral reefs, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Hawaii, USA

The natural splendour of Hawaii, including its volcanoes, waterfalls, and breathtaking beaches, draws Bollywood couples looking for a romantic break. 

Ibiza, Spain

While Ibiza is well-known for its partying and nightlife, it also has tranquil beaches and beautiful villas for a romantic honeymoon. Ibiza has attracted Bollywood celebs due to its bright energy and beautiful beauty.