By: Prerana Aggarwal


Best Places to Live in USA if Nuclear War Breaks Out

Places like the Rocky Mountains or Appalachian mountains are sparsely populated and farther away from likely targets. 

Mountainous Areas

Being central in the country, far from coasts, and having a low population density makes places in the Midwest like Kansas or Nebraska potentially safer options.


Their extreme distance from mainland and major cities makes these states unlikely direct targets. Hawaii's isolation in the Pacific also provides natural protection.


Small rural farming communities in places like Iowa or Vermont will be lower priority targets and have ample food/water supplies. Keeping distance from cities is key.

Rural Areas

Purpose-built shelters in places like old mines, caves or underground vaults could provide enhanced protection from radiation. Costly to build and supply though.

Underground Shelters

Being further away from silos and arsenals reduces risks. Desert climate also tends to have less rainfall/contamination spread.

Southwest Desert

Provides access to fresh water. Distance from coasts removes risks of seaborne attacks or tsunamis after a maritime blast.

Great Lakes Region

Dense woods like the Adirondacks or national forests can potentially absorb some radiation. Distance from blast sites important again.

Inland National Forests

Their geographic isolation provides natural shielding from radiation, fallout and ensuing chaos on mainland.

Islands like Nantucket

Rural places with agriculture, livestock and clean power sources will be self-sustaining for long term survival.

Areas with farmland

Private bunkers built into old missile silos or underground could offer enhanced protection from radiation. But they require substantial investment and preparation.

Underground bunkers

Sparse towns nestled high up in the elevated terrain of places like the Rockies, Cascades or Appalachians are isolated, hard to access and distant from ground zero.

Remote mountain towns

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