Things to do in Bangalore this Weekend

By: Prerana Aggarwal

Exploring Bangalore at night is a journey filled with emotion, as the city comes alive with a different kind of energy after the sun sets.

The dazzling lights and bustling atmosphere on Brigade Road will make your heart skip a beat. It's the perfect place for a leisurely evening walk.

Stroll Along Brigade Road

Satisfy your cravings with an array of street food. The sizzle of dosas and the aroma of chats will awaken your taste buds.

VV Puram Food Street

Take your adventure to the next level with a night skydiving experience. The thrill of jumping into the darkness is an emotional rush like no other.

Skydiving at Night

The breathtaking view of the sunrise from Nandi Hills is worth the early morning drive. It's an emotional moment when you witness the world awakening from the heights.

Visit Nandi Hills

The gardens are open until 8 pm. A tranquil night visit to this paradise of flora and fauna is both calming and emotional.

Explore Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Pedal through the city's streets when the traffic has subsided. The cool breeze and the city lights create a unique emotional experience.

Nighttime Cycling

Enjoy the soulful tunes of live bands while sipping on your favorite beverage. The music can truly touch your heart.

Live Music at Windmills Craftworks

Unleash your inner child and have an emotional blast with a game of laser tag. The thrill of hunting down opponents in the dark is unbeatable.

Laser Tag at Blasters

Watching a blockbuster on the big screen in the late hours can be an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and drama.

Midnight Movie at PVR IMAX

Walk the Freedom Trail and immerse yourself in American history while sipping on warm apple cider.

Visit the Bangalore Palace

Shopaholics can indulge in some retail therapy as the street comes alive with makeshift shops and vibrant lights.

Night Shopping at Commercial Street

The gallery hosts occasional night exhibitions, and witnessing art under the cover of darkness can be a profoundly emotional experience.

National Gallery of Modern Art