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The Safest Countries for Woman in the World

By: Mary Jones

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A land where gender equality thrives, empowering women to achieve their dreams and enjoy a life free from fear.


Experience a society that champions women's rights, leading the way in gender equality and offering a safe haven for all.


A progressive country that values variety, allowing women to break away from conventional constraints and thrive in a secure atmosphere.

New Zealand

Discover a country that pioneered women's suffrage, symbolising its devotion to women's rights and safety.


Discover a country that unconditionally supports and cares for women, assuring their well-being and happiness.


Accept a varied and inclusive society that honours women's contributions and provides a safe environment for them to grow.


Experience a world-class school system that empowers girls and prepares them for a bright future.


Pedal through a bike-friendly paradise, where women can confidently navigate the streets and enjoy a sense of security.


Witness the vivacious energy of Australian women who have battled for their rights and continue to spark change.