The Best Time to Visit Death Valley for 2024

By: Prerana Aggarwal

Demise Valley Public Park is situated in the southeastern corner of California close to the line with Nevada.

You should go in the winter or early spring if you want to focus on hiking, biking, and seeing as much of the remote areas as possible.

How to decide the best time

The hottest air temperature ever recorded in Death Valley (Furnace Creek) was 134°F (57°C) on July 10, 1913. During the heatwave that peaked with that record

Death Valley’s Temperatures

the cold weather months give the best capacity to see the most in the recreation area with moderate temperatures. The highs in these cold weather months normal between 65-73°F (18-23°C) with lows averaging 38-46 °F (3-8°C).

Winter in Death Valley

– Explore the Sand Dunes like Eureka Dunes, Mesquite Dunes, and Ibex Dunes which are harder to explore in warmer months.

Things to do in Death Valley

The highs for Death Valley in the spring months normal between 82-100°F (27-38°C) with lows averaging 55-73°F (13-23°C). Walk and through mid-April are incredible months to visit the recreation area, 

Spring in Death Valley

The spring is additionally wildflower season and this normally runs from Mid-February to Mid-April. Just under wonderful circumstances could you at any point find the desert loaded up with an ocean of gold, purple, pink, or white blossoms.

Wildflower Season in Death Valley

– Visit Darwin Falls when it’s at its peak water flow – Golden Canyon and Mosaic Canyon hikes are both amazing if temps are reasonable (no shade) – A must-do is watching the sunset at Zabriskie Point

Activities best in Death Valley

If it's not too much trouble, note the months where temperatures are regularly more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit run from May through September and in addition to the customary late spring months.

Summer in Death Valley

Picturesque drives are best in the mid year. Badwater Bowl or Specialists Drive are great choices. Other famous destinations like Fiends Fairway, Zabriskie Point, and Dantes View can likewise be seen from your vehicle or inside a 5-minute walk.

Things to do in Death Valley in the Summer

These ranges vary significantly because September and October are still very hot in Death Valley so if you’re looking for lower temps try for November.

Fall in Death Valley

In conclusion, we assume the best chance to visit Demise Valley Public Park is between Mid-October and Mid-April as this is when temperatures will probably be more moderate and you can see a greater amount of the recreation area.