New Passport Renewal Process Time in USA 2024

By: Prerana Aggarwal

Learn about the shortened processing periods for US passports, making both ordinary and expedited services even more efficient. Experience lower wait times starting on October 2. 

The United States' processing speeds for passports have recently improved noticeably.

US Passport Processing Times

The time it takes to process a passport is now 2 weeks faster, taking only 8 to 11 weeks for normal service and 5 to 7 weeks for expedited service.

Faster Processing: 

Ater October 2 can now anticipate receiving their brand-new passport in the mail in 8 to 11 weeks. Additionally, the wait times for expedited passports have lowered from 6 to 9 weeks to 5 to 7.

Reduced Passport Wait Times

Multiple causes, including as continuous staffing shortages, a brief pause in online processing owing to the pandemic, and an exceptionally high demand for travel, can be blamed for the overall delay in processing times.

Delayed Passport Processing Times

These new processing times represent a substantial improvement from the delays experienced during the summer when it took up to 13 weeks.

Summer Delays Overcome

The updated processing times apply to passports received by the State Department on or after October 2.

Effective from October 2

It's important to note that the processing time calculation does not factor in the time it takes for mailing.

Mailing Time Not Included

The State Department recognizes the dedicated efforts of its staff in reducing US passport processing times.

Staff Dedication Pays Off

The department is committed to continuous improvement, with a focus on operational efficiency, innovative customer service, and technology modernization.

Ongoing Enhancements

Renewing a US passport with routine service costs $130, while expedited service comes with an additional fee of $60.

Cost Considerations

The faster processing times coincide with the State Department issuing over 24 million passport books and cards between October 2022 and September 2023, marking a historic milestone.

Record Passport Issuance

During the application process, the child must appear in person with both parents or the child's legal guardians, and in some cases, additional paperwork may be needed.

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