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10 Country Most Visited in the World in 2023

By: Mary Jones

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Prepare to be charmed by Italy's ageless appeal. This nation will amaze you at every turn, from the romantic canals of Venice to the artistic riches of Florence and the ancient ruins of Rome. 


France, live! You can feel the pulse of art, fashion, and history as you walk through the streets of Paris, the City of Love. 


Prepare to submit your heart to Spain's passionate rhythms. This nation emanates a passionate energy that will fire your own sense of enthusiasm.

United States

From the brilliant lights of New York City to the majestic scenery of the Grand Canyon and the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles, there is something for everyone.


From the historic Great Wall running through the mountains to Shanghai's contemporary skyscrapers, this nation will astound you with its rich history and quick growth. 


Prepare to have your senses aroused by India's rich tapestry. This nation provides a variety of colours, flavours, and spirituality, from the busy streets of Delhi to the peaceful beauty of the Taj Mahal.


From the serenity of Kyoto's temples to Tokyo's neon-lit streets, this country provides a sensory onslaught unlike any other. Allow the Japanese people's warmth, magnificent sceneries.


Feel the untamed environment, see rare species, and let the Aussie spirit of adventure inspire your own sense of adventure.


Mexico provides a complex tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, from the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza to the busy marketplaces of Mexico City and the beautiful beaches of Cancun.