Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

By: Prerana Aggarwal

New Jersey is known for its shoreline, clamoring urban areas, and eateries. However, past the sandy shores and energetic metropolitan scenes, there exists another, more mysterious side to this lovely state.

Arranged in Port Monmouth, the Covert agent House is one of the most scary places to visit in NJ. The house is reputed to be spooky by the spirits of Progressive Conflict fighters.

The Spy House

Named the "Most Haunted Road in America," Clinton Road in West Milford has procured a spine-tingling standing. This stretch of road is well known for spooky drifters, ghost headlights that show up out of the blue

Clinton Road

Then, we head profound into the core of the Pine Barrens, a tremendous and baffling timberland in South Jersey. While it's known for its normal magnificence, it's additionally infamous for being the announced home of the Jersey Villain.

The Pine Barrens

The terrific domain is accounted for to be a center for ghastly action, with a cast of spooky inhabitants that includes a Progressive Conflict trooper, a woman in white, and a little fellow.

The Proprietary House

With a name like "Shades of Death Road," it's no big surprise this Warren District road is believed to be haunted. A picturesque, seven-mile, two-path course wanders through the Jenny Hop Timberland 

Shades of Death Road

Situated in Flemington, New Jersey, only a couple of miles from Delaware Valley Provincial Secondary School, the Association Inn has a set of experiences dating back to 1878, when it was laid out as an inn.

Union Hotel

In Bernards Municipality, you'll find the infamous Fiend's Tree, a contorted oak tree with a dim history. This tree looks truly frightening, and individuals who live close to Bernards Municipality have loads of neighborhood legends about it.

The Devil’s Tree

The jail was the site of various executions and purportedly a couple of horrifying killings that happened during endeavored get away.

County Prison Museum

Brighton's industrial complex in Passaic filled in as a mental medical clinic, housing deranged and mentally scarred individuals during the mid-1940s.

Brighton Asylum

Jenny Hop State Woods is supposed to be haunted by the phantom of a nine-year-old young lady named Jenny. According to the legend, Jenny lived nearby during the late eighteenth century

Jenny Jump State Forest

New Jersey is far beyond a metropolitan shoreline! It likewise gloats a more obscure side loaded up with phantom stories and haunted areas. From the ghostly Pine Barrens to the celebrated Fiend's Pinnacle, the haunted spots in NJ offer a brief look into the heavenly side of the Nursery State