Happiest cities in America


By: Prerana Aggarwal

Here, in no particular order, are 12 of the happiest cities in the US, where smiles are as common as sunny days

Boulder, which is tucked away against the Rocky Mountains and offers the ideal fusion of outdoor activity and a thriving arts culture, is a happy place.

Boulder, Colorado

Santa Cruz is a haven for individuals seeking a happy, beachy lifestyle because to its beautiful coastline, surf culture, and laid-back atmosphere.

Santa Cruz, California

Asheville, which is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, is renowned for its welcoming neighborhood, creative culture, and appreciation of craft beer.

Asheville, North Carolina

Madison, the state's capital, has a bustling music scene, stunning lakes, and a strong sense of community.

Madison, Wisconsin

In this Hawaiian paradise, where gorgeous beaches and a unique culture add to enjoyment, the spirit of aloha permeates every nook and cranny.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The city's motto is "Keep Austin Weird," and it's a location where uniqueness is cherished along with vibrant music and delectable BBQ.

Austin, Texas

Portland's quirky appeal makes its citizens grin because of its eco-friendly policies, coffee shops, and breathtaking natural surrounds.

Portland, Oregon

San Diego is a happy refuge with its ideal climate, miles of sandy beaches, and a variety of outdoor activities.

San Diego, California

The Mile-High City fosters a lively and contented community by combining urban conveniences with outdoor excursions.

Denver, Colorado

Minneapolis people have a great quality of life despite the chilly winters, with a strong emphasis on the arts, culture, and education.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Charleston's historic appeal, together with the city's delectable cuisine and welcoming residents, make it a location where happiness flourishes.

Charleston, South Carolina

Naples is a city where people may enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico while living a posh lifestyle and enjoying the city's famed white sand beaches.

Naples, Florida