Cheapest Places to Live

Most Affordable Places to Live in the U.S. 2024


The cheapest places to live offer inhabitants a more reasonable way of life. Obviously, cost isn't the main thought while migrating. 

Post Wayne, Indiana, is one of the cheapest places to live in America. The reasonable lodging costs are a significant attract for occupants moving to the city.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Home to the Battling Irish, this Indiana city offers a blend of reasonableness and culture. Albeit the cost may be correct, the crisp winters probably won't be an ideal choice for everybody.

South Bend, Indiana

Dayton has procured a standing as the Origination of Flying. Notwithstanding historic pride, this Ohio city offers a reasonable spot to call home.

Dayton, Ohio

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The Glass City has filled in as a center for glass fabricating since the 1880s. With time, the economy has developed to draw in a more extensive scope of enterprises to the reasonable region.

Toledo, Ohio

Despite the fact that it could come as a shock, Akron has critical binds with some high-profile superstars. For instance, Lebron James and numerous individuals from The Dark Keys are from Akron.

Akron, Ohio

You'll track down Erie City in the northwest corner of the state. Notwithstanding beautiful lake sees, the reasonable cost for many everyday items makes Erie City a considerably more pleasant spot to live.

Erie City, Pennsylvania

The College of Tennessee, the Incomparable Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee Stream are only a couple of the significant attractions.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Near the powerful Mississippi Waterway and highlighting a NBA establishment as well as amazing grill and music, you'll be blissful in the event that you move here and track down yourself "strolling in Memphis."

Memphis, Tennessee

Prepared to live with a fugitive perspective in the notorious city where Bonnie and Clyde hung out for some time? Move to Joplin. You won't should be a burglar, considering how savvy it is to live here.

Joplin, Missouri

This curious Texas town offers a historic region loaded up with enchanting shops and eateries joined with being a significant conveyance center for merchandise advancing down the Rio Grande.

Harlingen, Texas

Too much Texas? Unfortunately McAllen makes our rundown as one of the cheapest places to live in America. Different highlights past the modest living?

McAllen, Texas

The wellbeing of a city can assume a part in your choice to move. Ensure you'll have the local area you are searching for in a spot prior to removing your life.