Discover the Wonders of Canaima National Park | Ultimate Guide

By: Prerana Aggarwal

Canaima National Park in Venezuela isn't your average vacation spot. It's a place that gets under your skin and makes you feel like you've stumbled into a real-life Jurassic Park.

Imagine this - you're standing there, dwarfed by the cascading power of Angel Falls, the world's highest. if you're feeling adventurous, hike to its base and get misted by its spray.

Face the Mighty Angel Falls

This tabletop mountain is like something out of a legend.  The trek is tough, but the payoff is incredible.  Think unique plants clinging to life on a misty plateau – seriously Instagram-worthy.

Lost World of Monte Roraima

Picture vast grasslands dotted with these enormous, flat-topped mountains called tepuis.  Hop on a jeep safari and see if you can spot some wild animals or discover hidden waterfalls.

Wild Beauty of La Gran Sabana

You can take a scenic flight for panoramic views that will blow your mind, or if you're feeling like a true explorer, there are multi-day treks you can take to uncover its secrets.

Conquer Auyantepuy

Salto el Sapo lets you walk behind a cascading waterfall!  Prepare to get soaked, but it's an incredibly refreshing and unique way to experience the power of nature.

Get Drenched Salto el Sapo

Head underground and explore the mysterious depths of Kavak Cave.  Imagine sparkling cave formations and hidden chambers teeming with unique wildlife. It's like stepping into another world.

Go Spelunking in Kavak Cave

After all that exploring, you'll deserve some chill time.  Laguna de Canaima is a tranquil lagoon with the majestic tepuis reflected in its waters.

Laguna de Canaima

Keep your eyes peeled for incredible creatures like jaguars, capybaras (giant guinea pigs!), and tons of exotic birds. You might even see a caiman lurking in the rivers

Spot Some Amazing Wildlife

Take a scenic flight and get a whole new perspective on this dramatic landscape.  See Angel Falls cascading from above or marvel at the endless expanse of La Gran Sabana.

See Canaima from Above

The Pemón people are the indigenous inhabitants of Canaima, and their culture is fascinating.  Learn about their traditions, crafts, and their deep connection to this incredible land.

Meet the Pemón People

Venezuelan cuisine is delicious!  We're talking exotic fruits, flavorful stews, and don't miss the chance to try their local firewater, "catira."  Your taste buds will thank you.

Indulge in Local Flavors

Canaima is a photographer's paradise.  From the dramatic waterfalls to the otherworldly tepuis, you'll be snapping pics nonstop.  Don't forget your camera