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Best Hikes Beginners in Washington in 2024

By: Mary Jones

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Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

This popular climb in North Bend provides breathtaking views of the Snoqualmie Valley and surrounding mountains. The track is well-kept and very simple, making it ideal for novices.

Franklin Falls Trail

This short and simple walk near Snoqualmie Pass leads to a lovely waterfall, making it ideal for families and novices.

Lake Serene Trail

The Lake Serene Trail in the Central Cascades is significantly more difficult than the previous two, but it rewards hikers with a stunning alpine lake surrounded by towering peaks.

Wallace Falls Trail

This walk at Wallace Falls State Park is recognised for its spectacular cascades and has well-marked routes that are excellent for novices.

Mount Si Trail

Despite being a little more difficult, the Mount Si Trail is popular among novices owing to its ease of access and spectacular vistas of the Puget Sound region.

Nisqually Vista Loop Trail

This simple circle hike in Mount Rainier National Park provides wonderful views of the Nisqually Glacier and the surrounding area.

Big Four Ice Caves Trail

This short walk in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest leads to ice caves, which are a unique and mesmerising sight.

Annette Lake Trail

A nice walk through old-growth woodland that leads to a beautiful alpine lake, ideal for those seeking a modest challenge.

Deception Pass Loop Trail

This simple circle hike crosses the landmark Deception Pass Bridge and provides stunning views of Puget Sound and the surrounding islands.