Things to Do in Grand Canyon National Park in January 2024

By: Prerana Aggarwal

November is a great time to experience the canyon’s more serene atmosphere. The cool temps are perfect for hiking along the rim or down the corridor trails too. Just bring layers and watch weather forecasts for any early season snow.

Hike out to this stunning lookout as the setting sun bathes layered mesas and buttes in warm light while the Colorado River winds below.

Sunset views from Yavapai

Descend into the canyon on this storied ridge line path offering panoramic views of sheer cliffs and the park’s immense geology.

South Kaibab Trail

Enjoy a peaceful walk through pine forest to an overlook with sweeping views minus the crowds found elsewhere in the park.

Shoshone Point hike for solitude

Bundle against pre-dawn cold to view the first rays spread over the vast chasm revealing deep shadows and vivid colors.

Watch sunrise from Mather Point

Peek inside structures like the Hopi House and Kolb Studio to admire regional architecture and artifacts from early 20th century park history.

Historic buildings on the Rim

Scan the skies and cliffs from the viewing terrace in hopes of spotting these rare giants soaring over their refuge.

See California condors

Choose from these scenic, quieter picnic spots along the canyon rim for lunch with a side of spectacular views.

Picnic at Buggeln

Ride park transit then walk segments of this long scenic pathway hugging the edge for a variety of gorgeous vistas.

Hike along the Rim Trail

Gaze at dazzling stars against black skies for a breathtaking celestial show in the clear high altitude air.

Go stargazing at the park

Explore this historic stone and wood building containing Native crafts and cultural exhibits connected to Southwestern tribes.

Visit the Hopi House architecture

Learn about geology, wildlife or culture from knowledgeable guides through engaging tours, talks or demonstrations.

Join a park ranger guided tour

November's cool air and glowing sunrises/sunsets make it a perfect time to descend canyon trails, stroll scenic viewpoints, and take in Grand Canyon's history and culture.