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10 Steps to Renew US Passport Online in Just 5 Minuts

By: Mary Jones

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Eligibility Check

Check that you match the following requirements for online passport renewal: You must have your prior passport with you, it must be in good condition.

Gather Required Documents

Obtain your current, undamaged US passport, a digital passport photo that fulfils the State Department's criteria, and any legal papers required for name changes, if necessary.

Visit the Official Website

Go to the official U.S. Department of State's passport services website:

Locate Passport Renewal Form

Find the passport renewal application form on the website.

Complete the Online Application

Fill out the passport renewal form with accurate information. Review all details carefully before submitting.

Upload Digital Photo

Submit your digital passport photo as per the guidelines provided on the website.

Pay the Renewal Fee

Pay the passport renewal fee using a credit/debit card. The fee will depend on the type of passport service and delivery option you choose.

Print and Sign Form

Print a copy of the completed application form. Sign the form with a black ink pen. Make sure to follow the instructions on the website for the signature.

Mail Required Documents

Prepare an envelope with your signed application form, current passport, and any supplementary papers (if applicable). Send it to the address shown on the online application form.

Track Application Status

After submission, you can track the status of your application online. You will receive updates on your application's progress via email.

Please keep in mind that passport renewal processing periods might vary, so apply well in advance of any prospective travel plans. If you need a passport quickly, you might look at expedited passport renewal options, which may include additional expenses.