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10 Best Places in Asia for  Startup 2023

By: Mary Jones

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Singapore remains a popular choice for entrepreneurs due to its supportive government policies, solid infrastructure, availability to capital, and varied talent pool.

Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India's technological capital, provides a thriving startup culture, access to talented engineers, and a developing market.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an appealing place for entrepreneurs due to its sophisticated technological landscape, powerful investor network, and supportive business climate.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, with a focus on innovation, offers a robust startup ecosystem, cutting-edge infrastructure, and government assistance for entrepreneurship.

Beijing, China

Beijing, China's capital and a worldwide innovation powerhouse, provides access to a vast market, numerous financial sources, and a thriving entrepreneurial environment.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City's startup environment has grown rapidly, thanks to a youthful and tech-savvy populace, government assistance, and a reduced cost of living.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, has a vast consumer market, government measures to assist businesses, and a thriving digital economy.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vital location for entrepreneurs aiming to enter the Chinese market, thanks to its worldwide connections, well-established financial industry, and supportive government.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is known for its strong semiconductor sector and technical innovation, and it provides a welcoming startup community, government investment programmes, and access to regional markets.